The KPMG Learning Hub is a data-driven platform which helps identify gaps, builds capabilities and delivers sustainable solutions to the problems that may impact your business.

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We enable our clients to enhance their operational performance and organizational culture through a data and evidence driven approach towards their Human Capital strategy.

Skills & competency assessment

The Skills & competency assessment platform is built to address the growing need to find the right people for the right job in an everchanging business landscape. Our system has been designed to be secure, flexible and intuitive so that it is easy for anyone to adopt.

Employee engagement survey

Employee engagement survey provides the means to construct and conduct independent employee surveys, in a confidential manner, to help organizations identify their strengths, challenges and opportunities. By performing periodic surveys, organizations can establish a trend and continuously gauge the impact of their actions on their employees. engagement levels. The tool has flexibility to, tailor questions based on an organizations' core values, mission and vision, while setting up a scoring criteria relevant to their organization.

Job description

It can be a significant challenge for large organizations to create/ update a comprehensive set of job descriptions covering the entire workforce. We support our clients to create bespoke content that consistently covers key elements including - academic/ professional qualifications, professional experience, technical & functional competencies, a skills matrix and performance indicators based on their specific organization and operations. The job descriptions can then be purpose-fit to support the organization's recruitment and performance management requirements respectively, i.e., attracting talent and/or communicating job responsibilities and expectations to new hires or promoted/ transferred staff.

Training needs analysis

Training needs analysis is based on an assessment carried out by organizations to discover the skill gaps internally among their workforce to determine what learning/ development requirements they need to target to ensure optimal performance. While this may be a relatively simple method, it could be of critical importance for an organization to ensure they are constantly optimizing their operations, processes and people.

Benchmarking assessments

Employers can use benchmarking data on key processes/ operational parameters to compare the performance of their organization against competitors or similar organizations. This could include parameters like an organization's cost-per-hire, remunerations, corporate governance, board practices, etc.

Knowledge / Talent management system

We provide our clients and partners with cutting-edge Digital Learning Solutions. Whether you are educating your students, training your employees or creating awareness for your clients & partners, KPMG's Talent Management System makes it easy for you to offer a consistent learning experience that meets your specific business needs.

Reasoning Assessment

Reasoning assessments are designed to measure a candidate’s ability or aptitude to reason logically. They are non-verbal assessments which specifically test your ability to analyze through logical and abstract reasoning, extracting sequences and patterns to help find the answer from a list of options within a specified time provided.

Reasoning assessments are typically used as part of the pre-employment assessment process. As a recruiter, many jobs that you advertise require problem-solving as it is a highly valued skill. The reasoning tests examine how innate those skills are. As a result, the reasoning assessment is a common part of the recruitment process and is positioned at the very beginning of it. Reasoning assessments are also used as part of training and development programs designed for staff within an organization. Reasoning assessments can assess the strengths and weaknesses of an employees’ reasoning skills and provide them with feedback and resources to develop them. An organization can increase its productivity and performance by ensuring that its employees have the reasoning skills they need to manage difficult circumstances, innovate, and collaborate.

Fundamentally, the reasoning assessment can include inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning to test a candidate’s problem-solving ability or higher use of logic.

Our experts understand the importance of people management practices and how it can positively impact business outcomes including profitability, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and an alignment to leading global trends.

  • Organization design and development:

We create effective and efficient organization designs to deliver the capabilities and performance required for our clients’ strategy. We work with clients at any stage of their growth cycle, from start-up to well established operations that span across borders.

  • Talent development:

We help clients capitalize on the positive impact of talent development and management while realizing their overall business strategy. Using a mix of KPMG’s bespoke methodology and models combined with industry best practice, we assist clients as they seek to attract, retain and develop the right people in alignment with their current and forecasted business needs.

  • Behavioral change management:

We help facilitate successful change implementation by working closely with clients to identify key issues and develop tailored strategies, which enhance their structure, processes and technology that could have a positive impact on their people and their organization.

  • Workforce optimization:

We provide the workforce analytics required to optimize employee cost, capacity, capability, connections and compliance within an organization. We deliver insights by providing strategic and operational workforce planning solutions in the following areas: strategic and operational workforce planning and evaluation, compensation benchmarking and structuring.

  • HR function optimization:

We help clients create purpose-fit HR functions by developing tailored delivery models to implement their broader human capital strategy and ambitions to meet with the organizational needs from a business and cultural perspective. This can involve HR benchmarking, assessment audits, process optimization, HR technologies, competencies’ development and the required policies and standard operating procedures.

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